• Group programming to increase strength and improve body composition;

  • 4 days per week resistance training, with optional 5th day;

  • Performance-focus to make training rewarding;

  • Periodisation complete with regular deload weeks to ensure sustainable progression;

  • Ongoing support via email.

Join now from £28/month

Must have access to gym. Suitable for intermediate lifters (confident to squat, deadlift, bench press)

I'm loving it. Can't get over the fact that in less than 4 weeks I'm 10kg stronger on almost all the exercises. And my starting point was not what I considered light as that's what I've been lifting for some months!

I'm so happy with my form now - thanks for the pointers on filming my technique and correcting it. I'm so full of energy too!

I'm seeing great results in strength and body composition. You've given me focus when I really needed it!

My hip thrusts have gone from 50kg in week 1 to 100kg now!

Holy crap, I think I might actually like front squats now!

I ditched the scale to focus on performance, but my abs are popping and I have a definite 'squat booty' growing. I wish I'd started training like this years ago!

I've been stuck in a rut for so long, but didn't want to fork out for one on one coaching. Joining the BBP has been the perfect balance of structure and independence for me - and I know the support is there if I need it. It helps that it's an absolute bargain too.

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